Nov. 25, 2014
Scholarships awarding event to students from Romania

Roberto Rocca scholarships: passion and values shared. On November 25th the Romanian students had their scholarships awarding event, here are two photos of the fancy ceremony. Congratulations!

Romanian students group photo
Daniel Sava, Romanian Student
This year, Roberto Rocca Education Program rewarded 41 students for their excellent results. The students were chosen based on their academic results, leadership potential, personal skills and ability to innovate and to work together, through a selection made by the team of Human Resources TenarisSilcotub.

It was the ninth edition of the Roberto Rocca Education Program in Romania, which rewarded so far 360 students. Special guess of the event was actress Oana Pellea, a true ambassador of Romanian culture, she spoke of "values account", that every man must build in life. Emotions were high, as well as the motivation of young scholars in their way to a successful career.

"Engineers underlying technical progress which helps us develop as a society, to discover new ways in which we can build a better life, and these talented young people who received scholarships Roberto Rocca today is the future of the industry. We hope that this scholarship to encourage them to pursue their dreams and contribute to designing the world of tomorrow", said Michele Della Briotta, Tenaris Area Manager for Eastern Europe.

Beyond financial reward, young scholars had the opportunity to interact and have free discussions with experts from TenarisSilcotub in a “Talk to the Leaders” session. However, this scholarship acceptance is not subject to any commitment to the company, every young person is free to pursue their career where they want. Previous editions have shown interest in available positions within the company, some of them joining our team after graduation.