Jun. 18, 2015
Roberto Rocca Education Program Follow up Event at Romania

In reaffirmation to its commitment on supporting students in Romania, last April 17th and 18th the Roberto Rocca Education Program Follow up Event was organized in Zalau.

Group Picture
Meeting Pablo Rocca at TU Opening
Mill Visit-Premium Line
Visit at Roman Castrum-Porolissum
Training Activity-Gold of the Desert Kings

Forty scholarship recipients from Roberto Rocca Education Program had a great experience from different perspectives, included the opportunity to meet Paolo Rocca CEO of Tenaris which is the sponsoring company of the Roberto Rocca Education Program at Romania.

This was a powerful point in the Roberto Rocca Education Program Follow up Event.

In this occasion the scholarship holders participated to the Open Day at Tenaris Silcotub facility located in Zalau organized for the employees, their families and Zalau Community, they visited the Mill and the Tenaris University new facility.

The Roberto Rocca scholarship recipients had open discussions with 5 successful former "Global Trainees" who are promising professionals with a strong industrial background and with potential to become the future Tenaris leaders, in this space they had the opportunity to talk about their career share their professional experience, as well as about the opportunities of growing within the company.

As part of the Roberto Rocca Education Program Follow up event eight outstanding scholarship recipients were invited to an Institutional Event,in which participated the Prime Minister of Romania, University Authorities, Government Authorities,Paolo Rocca and Tenaris Top Management.

In order to improve their abilities the grant holders had an experiential training activity called “Gold of the Desert Kings”, it gave them the possibility of testing not only their abilities of reaching their objectives with limited resources, but also it challenged them to manage unexpected situations

At the end of the visit the forty scholarship recipients visited the “Roman Castrum from Porolissum “, one of the largest and best-preserved archaeological sites in Romania, 8 km away from Zalau.

This was an incredible opportunity for the scholarship recipients to gain practical management skills that will allow them to develop their capability to lead and inspire others.