Jul. 10, 2015
Scholarships awarding event for 11 students from Mexico

In order to recognize and motivate the best students the Roberto Rocca Education Program awarded scholarships to Instituto Politecnico Nacional (IPN) engineering students.

Scholarship Recipients
University Authorities & Techint Organization Authorities
Gustavo Gallino Techint North America Director

With the aim of contributing to the development of future professionals on July 3rd , 11 scholarships were granted to outstanding IPN engineering students by Roberto Rocca Education Program. Of these scholarship recipients, four are Mechanical engineering students and seven Civil Engineering students.

The event was attended by the directors of the IPN, also by sponsoring companies authorities of Roberto Rocca Education Program; Gustavo Gallino, Director of Techint North America and Alejandra Vazquez,Human Resources Director at Tenaris Tamsa.

Alejandra Vazquez said: "The Organization Techint has a profound industrial vocation and we are confident that engineers are the creators of change in society. For our companies, education is an important value and these scholarships awarded to outstanding students of their careers, are a sample of the belief we have in education and this is what will help us grow as an organization and as a country.

" Gustavo Gallino,commented: "Being able to support these students in their careers is a great satisfaction for us and certainly the experience and education level of this institution deserve it. Currently five young people who participated in the Roberto Rocca Education Program are working in Techint E & C and have excellent performance. I encourage students to continue working because success can only be achieved with effort."

In Scholarship Recipients Voice:

José Luis Leyva Manriquez, eighth semester of Civil Engineering of the School of Architecture Zacatenco, said: "I think it's a program that encourages students to continue their studies and at the same time is forming human resources that can be converted into the human capital of the company. "

Daniel Magaña Ramos, eighth semester student of Civil Engineering at the School of Architecture Zacatenco, shared his experience: "Techint went to school to introduce the Roberto Rocca Education Program and I was interested in participating in the call in the review and the program in general. This is a program that not only gives you the economic incentive, but also opens you the doors to the workplace in Techint.

Edith Serrano, student of Civil Engineering at the School of Architecture Zacatenco, thanked "for the support and the opportunity to grow as professionals. After obtaining my scholarship, I learned that I could have the opportunity to participate in Techint E & C’s Internships program Today I work in the area of Civil Engineering of the company and I am strengthening my theoretical knowledge, increasing my contact with engineers and people who already have experience in the company”.