Eligibility requirements

Roberto Rocca Fellowships are open to students who are citizens of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Romania, and who will enter a Master or Ph.D. program outside their own country or who have already begun their studies towards a Ph.D. at a university outside their own country. Application of citizens of this countries, living in other of this countries may be accepted too.

Employees of the sponsoring companies are ineligible for the Fellowships.

Fellowship candidates are free to designate any university outside their own country for the Fellowship. However, the program's Scientific Committee will take into consideration the candidate's choice of university and program of study in evaluating and selecting Fellows.

Disciplines and specific fields of study supported through the Fellowships include:

Metallurgy Engineering

  • Carbon and stainless steels

Materials Engineering

  • Paint coating for O&G and applications for flat steel
  • Nanotechnology Mems applied to sensors for O&G
  • Heat transfer
  • Plastic deformation processes
  • Composite materials
  • Non-destructive tests Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

  • Industrial and electronic automation
  • Mechanical design (for example, threads), including machining
  • Automotive design
  • Modeling

Petroleum Engineering, limited to the aspects of drilling, completion and non-conventional oil and gas production (excluding: geology and geophysics issues)

  • Fluid flows analysis
  • Pipeline technology
  • Well completion and control
  • Reservoir simulation
  • Enhanced oil recovery processes
  • Well logging
  • Non-conventional oil production
  • Secondary recovery
  • String design
  • Extreme service conditions (HT/HP)

Data Science

  • Automation sensors. Internet of things. Big data and business analytics.
  • Laser optics
  • High level IT

Fellows are required to make a moral commitment to contribute to the economic and industrial development of their country of origin.


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