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Apr. 25 2013

RREP Fellows Conference - Eugenio Grippo: “Towards a mathematical analysis of Networks"

Eugenio is a Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering at University of Southern California, USA. He got his Fellowship in 2009.

This Webinar briefly summarize the main concepts behind the Resistive Grid technique used to analyze networks; in order to accomplish this, it includes essential definitions from combinatorial graph theory, resistive network theory (i.e. notion of effective resistance) and key concepts like the mathematical curvature of a surface.

    Basically, once a resistive model of a particular network is available/paired, the idea of this technique is to predict the behaviour of the network through the mathematical analysis of its resistive model. To illustrate the method, this work presents novel simulation results that applies the resistive grid technique to different 2-Dimension Spherical, Euclidean and Hyperbolic resistive lattices. Moreover, aiming to further show the hidden power of such a technique, we discuss the concepts in a power grid context (a particular type of network) where this analysis could identify areas of the overall network prompt to be overloaded.  In other network frames, this method could identify areas/points of congestion, overheating, etc.

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