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Aug. 09 2013

Fellows Conference Series - Enrique Galindo Nava: "Modelling dislocation evolution in metals: from thermodynamics to alloy design"

Enrique enrolled in his Ph.D. in physical Metallurgy at Delf and Cambridge Uiversities in 2009. In 2010 he obtained his Roberto Rocca Education Program Fellowship.

Plastic deformation of low-alloy steels and a number of high temperature alloys is described by a novel thermostatistical approach. Predicting dislocation evolution and interaction with other crystal defects during loading is central to determine mechanical properties of engineering alloys. Thermodynamic equations are postulated for obtaining microstructure and strain hardening evolution at various scales in terms of dislocation behaviour. This is based on defining a statistical entropy term that accounts for the energy dissipation due to possible dislocation displacements.

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