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Dec. 06 2012

Fellows Conference Series - Eder Trejo: "Energy flows in Steel industry: mathematical models and simulations in electric arc furnaces"

Eder is a Ph.D. in Engineering from Tec de Monterrey and a Ph.D. in Materials (Metallurgy) at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolang (KTH), Sweden He took part of the Roberto Rocca Research Chair at the Tec de Monterrey as a Fellow. Currently Eder is working as an Engineer at Ternium in Monterrey, Mexico.

On this work the development of three mathematical models: mass and energy balance, heat transfer and slag foaming is presented. In the mass and energy balance model real data was taken from the process and variables like mass of hot heel, slag, off gas, humidity in the load, other fuels in the load were estimated. The model is able to estimate the scrap compositions when different load practices are analyzed. With this model a diagnostic of the energetic performance of five EAFs and a detailed description of the energy distribution in and out of the furnaces were performed. For the heat transfer model data from the mass and energy balance model was used to predict temperature distributions and energy flows between the internal surfaces of the EAF, thermal losses in the cooling system and losses by radiation and convection to the surroundings were also estimated. This model has an analytical approach and considers surface to surface radiation, conduction and convection. The slag foaming model is based on computer fluid dynamics (CFD) and was used to predict the slag foam height, which is the most important parameter in the heat transfer model. The slag foaming model is able to manage multiple injection points of inert gases and was validated with experimental results at laboratory scale. The main contributions of this work are the structure of the heat transfer network proposed in the heat transfer model, the view factor estimation between the inner surfaces of the furnace, and a totally new approach in the modeling of slag foaming. This work is the basis or the development of a flexible simulator of the EAF that can be used to optimize energy consumption and steel quality.


This conference is available in Spanish.

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