Award criteria

In selecting Roberto Rocca Fellows the Scientific Committee evaluates candidates in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Previous professional and academic experience. We look for candidates with a record of excelling in all their previous professional and academic endeavors.

  • Designated university and department for Ph.D. studies. Although candidates are free to designate the university and department for their Ph.D. studies, we look for candidates who are studying or will study at universities that are distinguished for the quality of their education and research.

  • Capacity to successfully carry out the proposed Ph.D. project. A Ph.D. is a major intellectual and personal challenge. We look for candidates that demonstrate that they are up to that challenge.

  • Proposed area of Ph.D. research. We are especially interested in candidates whose research offer potential benefits to the steel industry (see the list of disciplines and focus areas under Eligibility requirements for more details).

  • Commitment to the economic and industrial development of home country. While candidates are not obligated to return to their home country upon completion of their Ph.D., we carefully analyze each candidate's career plans to assess the contribution they could make to their home country.


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