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Jun. 14 2017

Fellows Conference Series – José Naranjo Espinosa: "Assessing the effect of deoxidation practice on distribution of non-metallic inclusions in cast and forged steel"

José is a PhD student in Metallic Materials at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. He received his first RREP Fellowship in 2015.

The content presented in this webinar addresses the effect of deoxidation practice on the inclusion population and also the effect of plastic deformation on different inclusion populations.There has been reported cost and operational benefits when replacing Aluminum for Silicon as the primary deoxidant. For this research project, different heats of the same steel grade have been produced with two different deoxidation practices, employing the usual practice of “Al” deoxidation and a new proposed one with “Si” as the primary deoxidant.The advantages of a new methodology of Automated Inclusion Characterization in the Scanning Electron Microscope are introduced and results from this automated characterization are presented for both materials in the “as-cast” and after “forging and rolling” conditions. The use of Extreme Value Statistical Analysis is also briefly introduced

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